Sound Healing

Please find this wonderful video evidencing the use of sound in treatment.  You may recognize the Doctor as the one whom the movie Awakenings with Robin Williams is based upon.

Unbecoming Who You are Not


Welcome to our first introduction to realization.  There is only one question in the world, “What is real.”  The answer is you, your awareness that existence IS.  Which leads to the question, “Whom or what am I?”

Realization is the process of discovering who you are by a process of unbecoming what you are not.  In ancient Hebrew sin meant “missing the mark.”  (Wikipedia, 2017) So when you miss what you aim for, you sin.  Stop missing who you are and welcome yourself home.

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Free the Oppressed


Today we reveal, that the whole world is a dream.  Awaken and free yourself to a loving open reality.


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Everyone Poops


New International Version
What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” (Matthew 15:13)

You know pooping is important when you see it on Fast Company!

In the article referenced below, Lindsay Goldwert tells Fast Company’s rules for pooping at work.  All of them try to avoid pooping anxiety and the stench associated with it, rather than address it head-on.  When we talk about poop at Perfect Paradox, we tell you how to stop emitting such malodorous emanations by thinking, eating, feeling, and acting right.


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